1. Does your school accept Chinese and foreign passport holders?

A. UES accepts both Chinese nationals and foreign passport holders from Kindergarten to Grade 5. In Grade 1 the Chinese nationals need to apply for the Xujei. Chinese nationals accepted in G2-G5 need to transfer their Xujei to UES.

2. Do you have a selective Admissions process?

A. Prospective parents applying to UES should be aware of the admission requirements regarding Chinese nationals and age criteria for different the different grade levels.

3. How can I arrange a visit to your school?

A. Prospective parents should contact our admissions to make an appointment for a school tour. Please contact us @ 010-51307951-205 or admissions@bibs.com.cn

4. When is the best time to apply to your school?

A. UES accepts applications all year, the largest intake of students in August is in Kindergarten and Grade 1. Applications for Kindergarten and Grade 1 start in November of the previous year.

5. Can a student join your school mid - year?

A. Students may join UES in February during our second semester, acceptance at other times is dependent on the availablitity of spaces.

6. Does the school have a waiting list?

A. UES has a waiting list in most grade levels. Please contact admissions to check the grade level vacancies.

7. Do you offer any special discounts?

A. UES offers a discount on tuition for the additional registered siblings.

8. What curriculum do you teach at your school?

A. UES is an authorized IBPYP school. IBPYP is the curriculum framework that allows for the use different of curriculums which, at UES, include but are not limited to: the Chinese National Curriculum (Chinese Language and Mathematics) and Ontario (English Language).

9. Do you have qualified teaching staff?

A. All UES staff hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and teaching qualifications.

10. What accreditation and affiliations does your school have?

A. UES holds accreditations with the IB and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

11. How do you support a new student to settle in well at your school?

A. New UES students are given orientation under the guidance of the home room teacher and other students in the class. The student orientation may include but is not limited to a welcome pack, a buddy system, school tours, and school assemblies.

12. What is your usual class size?

A. UES has a maximum class size of 22 students.

13. Does your school have a uniform requirement?

A. BIBS UES has a school uniform. Students are required to wear the green uniform on days when they are scheduled to have dance and/or P.E. lessons. On the other days, students are to wear the gray uniform.

14. What extra-curricular activities does your school offer?

A. UES offers three blocks of ten-weeks of After School Activities (ASA). The ASA’s are offered in four categories (academics, creativity, sports, and culture). The ASA’s take place from 16:00 – 17:00 on Monday-Thursday. UES also offers a Select Teams program, in which students audition or try-out to participate and compete in community events and for the sports teams the JISAC (Junior International School Athletic Conference) competitions.

15. How many languages can my child learn at your school?

A. The UES campus has a bilingual program in which 70% of the curriculum is taught in the medium of the English language and 30% in Chinese (Mandarin).

16. Does your school organize any educational trips for the students?

A. As part of the IBPYP curriculum, students at the UES campus are encouraged to take part in practical and real-life learning experiences. Outside the classroom educational experiences involve fieldtrips, overnight trips, and guest speakers.

17. Do you have a student leadership council?

A. The UES campus has an elected Student Council with members from Grades 1 through to Grade 5. There are two representatives from each class. In the UE (Upper Elementary) G3-5, there are elected positions of: president, vice president, and secretary.

18. Can we transfer from one BIBS school to another?

A. Grade 5 students graduate from the IBPYP at UES, and transfer to the Shunyi campus into the International Baccalaureate Middle

Years Programme (IBMYP). Transfers to all BIBS campuses are possible following each school’s admissions process.

19. Do you offer school bus transportation?

A. The UES campus has around 30 operating bus routes.

20. Do you offer lunch service at your school?

A. The UES campus offers lunch within the school fees. Students are given the options of an asian or western dish.

21. What is your school calendar?

A. The school calendar at the UES campus is a blend of an international and Chinese school calendar. The school year begins in mid-August and ends mid-June. National and international holidays are both recognized in the UES blended calendar.

22. Do you have an AQI policy?

A. The UES campus has an internal air filtration system operating in all of the teaching and learning areas of the building. All outside activities including recess, physical education (PE) classes, and fieldtrips are suspended if the AQI is above 200.

23. Do you have a Parent Association? How can new parents join the PTA?

A. UES has a thriving Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which has an elected executive committee.